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As a demolition contractor, we specialise in the internal dismantling of buildings as part of a demolition or in preparation for refurbishment, also known as soft stripping. Soft stripping is a familiar term used when preparing a structure for demolition. Essentially, all fixtures and fittings, for example, doors, windows, bathrooms and kitchens, are all removed from the building, leaving nothing but the steel frame. As part of our internal stripping services, we can remove all floor coverings, windows and interior fixtures and fittings, including radiators, lighting and telecoms. We can also arrange the disconnection and removal of any utilities. If you are trying to find Reliable Demolition Contractors In Wales then please visit our site

Demolition Contractors Wales In the case of refurbishment, we use only light machinery or hand strip your premises to ensure that the structure of your building will remain unaffected. And as most of the materials from a soft strip can be recycled, as licensed waste carriers we are pride ourselves with reducing the amount that goes to landfill.

At Jim Wise Demolition, we have over 20 years’ experience in the demolition and reclamation trade and therefore we plan soft-strips to ensure that the site is managed correctly and health and safety guidelines are always adhered to. Ongoing training, safety monitoring and assessment are an important part of our day-to-day business. We strive to not only maintain this record but to continually improve it in any way that we can & have our own NEBOSH certified health and safety officer.

Demolition is a serious business and the reason why we ensure that each job is carried out in compliance with health and safety legislation. We initiate comprehensive site and project planning. These assessments limit risks and ensure that demolition is carried out safely, efficiently and with minimum disruption.

One of the problems that can occur with soft stripping is the high level of dust it generates and as the work takes place over a long period and usually inside a building, the level of dust that is inhaled can build up over time and be hazardous to those carrying out the work. Any highly toxic dust danger areas, such as asbestos or silica dust needs to be identified as these can cause serious dust related diseases.

Ensuring areas are screened off to prevent dust spreading, the use of extraction ventilation equipment to remove the dust at the source, face fitted dust masks and the dampening down of the dust with water are ways of limiting or preventing the spread of dust.

Please visit our website or call 01782 790576 to find out more information about soft stripping or general Demolition Contractors In Walesdemolition services offered by Jim Wise Demolition in North Wales

General demolition is the breaking down of buildings and man-made buildings.

For small buildings, such as houses that are only two or three stories high, building demolition can be a simple process with the building pulled down either manually or mechanically using the large hydraulic equipment.

Larger building demolition requires careful planning as there are several things to consider before any demolition can take place, including performing asbestos abatement, clearing hazardous or regulated materials, acquiring necessary permits, submitting necessary notifications, disconnecting utilities, rodent baiting and the development of site-specific safety and work plans.

If you’re looking for the best demolition contractor in North Wales, Jim Wise Demolition is available and have the experience & expertise for domestic demolition projects or to take on large scale commercial and controlled demolition works right up to full site clearances.

Contact us today on 01782 790576 if you are looking to enquire about our services. We offer professional demolition at cost effective prices.

Jim Wise Demolition has the experience and expertise to take on small domestic or large scale commercial demolition works right up to full site clearances, so you’re looking for a trusted, experienced demolition contractor in North Wales for any building demolition needs. Contact us today or visit or website – Demolition Contractors Wales

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